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It would be a lie to claim that Kick and run Sports Management has the key to your success.It is you who have to choose the key.We only assist you to choose the right key before the Journey begins.
To be able to move into the house of success ,you must carry the heavy loads & key along side with you ,trace the right way, arrive to the gate, open the gate, enter into the house of success and keep working even harder

Every single football player hopes for an easy way to become successful.
The truth is, there is none. The reality is, the loads are heavy , the routes are narrow, far away , rough and tough.Many good football players choose the wrong way ,some choose the wrong key and some forget the Key during their journey.Some even make it to the gate but, are unable to open the gate because they choosed the wrong key.Some make it into the house of success but, loose everything in a short time due to lack of Know-how.So when all of these happen, it causes lost of time ,takes so much energy to fix it, kills motivation and hope.Talent alone is not enough for a football player to become successful in modern football business and private life.

Kick and run sports management is the solution.You are NOT ALONE! With over 17 years experience, we know the problems better & we have solutions to the problems.
We use your family support, our wide networks range ,cleverness and know-how to bring your career step by step closer to your dreams.




What we offer.

We offer serious and competent career planning for professional

footballers and talents ,as well as a comprehensive  360° counseling in all walks of life to achieve success.

Transfer Philosophy

We do not carry out transfers just to exercise another transfer for financial benefits! On the contrary.We understand ourselves as your team partners, who will do everything

necessary for you to make the next step in your career at the right time.



GERMANY                                         Tel:  +49 (0) 211-42471-224

Königsallee 61.                                  Fax: +49 (0) 211-42471-450  

40212 Düsseldorf.                            Email:                                         


ENGLAND                                                     Whatsapp: +44 (0) 79-13269-145

Canada Square                                      

Canary Wharf E14 5AA London                   Email:                       

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